To keep the traceability of copyright, namely comics, I do not use the traditional copyright but the Copyleft, copyright improved allowing copying, modification and redistribution works (even in the form of sale). They can also be redistributed for free, which is a common practice.

My own omics are under Free Art License dual / CC-BY-SA. Indeed, the CC-BY-SA (Creative Commons Share Alike) is compatible with the first. Lawrence lessig is the creator.

The Free Art License was initiated, among others, by Isabelle Vodjdani and Antoine Moreau; the only reading of the preamble delivers information such as “The intention is to allow the use of resources of a work; create new conditions to amplify the creative design possibilities. The Free Art License allows for enjoyment of works, while recognizing the rights and responsibilities of each.”


One of the people who inspired me this site is Michel Lévy-Provençal. (Co-founder of Rue89 website)
In 2004, he greeted me and Lacrymosa Industry to showcase designs on its website late h4r7.org and he granted me the pleasure of using this term Hybridization, so thank you !

The “Hybridizations”? What could it be ?

By collecting fragments of the work, it becomes possible to integrate all or part into yours, and you can make changes.

Without traceability of copyleft, these benefits would not occur.


Involves enjoying the accompanying license your work is verifiable by a link, either by joining the disclaimer.

Instructions (from: http://artlibre.org/licence/lal)

To take advantage of the Free Art License simply accompany your work this mention

[Name of author, title, date and where applicable, the name of
authors of the original work and consistent as well as their location].
Copyleft: this work is free, you can copy, distribute and modify it according to terms of the Free Art License http://artlibre.org

Free Comic

Regarding my comic, ideally, contributions would amount the level of history would be incorporated in the work and the author credited at the same time as me. It would work official.
Also, there is no reason that a fork can arise.

Some words about the synopsis: it starts with a case of doping in the running.
At one point, one of the heroes will be confronted with computer problems.
He will be able to casually wonders worthy of the best hackers (although he is a complete dilettante, just an end user…)

I use dual licensing Free Art/cc-by-sa, it will allow me to use between other excerpts published on the site linuxfr.org

To be continued…

If there is an extension in WordPress can serve as wiki, I settle down and it would be a space dedicated to common elaborations.

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Comic Art and Hybridization